Here, you will find a lot of acting scenes from existing movies, Tv shows and theatre plays. 

Feel free to download and use this material only for training and/or showreels. 

No commercial use allowed.

If you don't find what you need, don't worry. I will keep updating the list with new scenes!! Don't hesitate to come back later.

You can also contribute by sending me scenes you like or ask me for scenes you would appreciate seeing added to the database.

Ricky is caught by his father selling pot to Lester. Turns out Colonel (his father) thinks he had sex with Lester for money. Ricky pushes his father to the limit, and the Colonel kicks Ricky out of the house.
Two brothers, Danny and John have their first drinking night in years. They're drunk and they have secrets. Something's off, something can go wrong at any moment.

Nicky meets Ace in the desert and they have a big argument. Nicky is pissed that Ace went over his head with people. Ace tries to explain to Nicky what's really going on.
Sean, a therapist, has been assigned to work with Will, a troubled young genius with a history of violence and emotional trauma..Sean's approach is unconventional, challenging Will's intellect and probing his emotional barriers. He refuses to be intimidated by Will's intelligence, instead engaging him in a battle of wits and wills.
Hanna (Pacino) and Neil (De Niro) meet in a coffee shop. The discover how similar they are. By the end they are friends, but they both will never change, so they are forced to go back to being enemies.
Andrew is dying of AIDS and he is obsessed with his trial. Miguel (his lover) is trying to give him his meds, but his vein is closed and they need to go to the hospital. They get into an argument about how much time he has left.
Aaron's alter-ego Roy surfaces during a meeting with Martin.
Jake is slipping into paranoia. He keeps asking Joey if he's done anything with his wife. Joey's story keeps changing so Jake keeps pursuing and slipping further and further in.
Cyrus (White House chief of staff) pushes James (His husband and journalist) to drop his dream job as White House correspondent. He has too much to loose.