DRAMA - Monologues

Here, you will find a lot of acting scenes from existing movies, Tv shows and theatre plays. 

Feel free to download and use this material only for training and/or showreels. 

No commercial use allowed.

If you don't find what you need, don't worry. I will keep updating the list with new scenes!! Don't hesitate to come back later.

You can also contribute by sending me scenes you like or ask me for scenes you would appreciate seeing added to the database.

Maddy monologues about her passion for her work, and that Danny had better help or get out of her way.
Chuck talks about his experience from hopelessness to hope while being stuck alone on an island for 5 years.
Amy's explainations about how and why she disapeared.
Annalise is facing trial for murder. She gives a final empowered statement to the jury.
(NOT ENTIRELY A MONOLOGUE)Nicole explains to her lawyer, Nora, her complicated relationship with her husband.
Jordan Belfort, a charismatic and unscrupulous stockbroker, rallies his team with a fiery call to action. As he extols the virtues of wealth and success, Belfort transforms a mundane office into a battlefield, urging his brokers to seize every opportunity and conquer their financial struggles.