Enhance your acting craft

Private coaching and acting classes

for beginners and professional actors

Based in Tokyo, Japan

Based on the work of Sandford Meisner and Lee Strasberg among others, Lucas helps actors to find their way of acting through moments of truth, reconnecting with their emotions, taking the emphasis away from self and focusing on partners on stage. He also teaches how to build characters, from identifying their primal need, to the way they walk. Being an actor is being a creator, giving script pages a soul, a body and emotions. Being an actor is making smart choices. Being an actor is believing in the unbelievable and make the audience believe with you. But, before all, being an actor is playing, having fun, and reconnecting with the inner child that you might have forgotten.


Actors never stop training. Even if you have learned the tools, understood what triggers your emotions and use it in scenes, even if you know how to build a character and be creative enough to bring more than what the script says, even though, you will need to train on daily basis. The craft of acting is as demanding as a professional athlete's career. Your body and emotional fluidity should stay alert and fit for any role. 

I am also providing specific coaching to prepare for auditions or/and working on a character development for a role.


Have you ever wondered how actresses and actors prepare their role and embody a character on stage or on screen. Far from the common belief that actors just need to show up on set knowing their lines to give a great performance, you will discover this job requires deep commitment and a huge amount of work. First of all, actors and actresses need to master their instrument (body, emotions, voice, senses). Being intimate and truthful in front of an audience is not natural for most grown up people. But it is for kids. Somehow, we tend to lose that along the road of life. Reconnecting to the inner child is the first step for an actor.

Then comes the brain work : The character's preparation. You might think creating a real, colorful, interesting character is the writer's job... Well it's not entirely true. actors will bring characters to life. Therefore, they are creators not just performers. Bringing depth and layers to a character requires psychological awareness and mastering some tools. 

As a new comer in the acting world, you can see there are plenty of things to learn. Whether you want to become a professional actor or just want to have a glimpse of what it takes, I can assure you will experience things you've never had before. 


During the workshops, your kids will discover the craft of acting. Through fun group exercises they will learn how to drive their emotions and use it as communication tools instead of being overwhelmed by it. Playing short dialogue scenes in front of the class, they will gain self-confidence and feel encouraged to show their best in front of an audience. Stepping into different roles and characters will give them an opportunity to express themselves in ways they didn’t know they could. Inside every actor there is child who just want to have fun. Inside every child there is a remarkable actor who can tell amazing stories.


About the coach

Lucas studied at ESRA (Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle) a notorious film school in Paris, France.

After graduating in 2006, he worked on over 60 films (Short Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, TV Shows, and Feature Films) as Director, Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Cameraman, and Gaffer.

Meanwhile, he studied acting alongside two of the most famous acting coaches in the U.S. (Bob McAndrew and Susan Batson). Being their assistant and cameraman for 4 years, he acquired the skills he needed to pursue his filmmaking work. As he was continuously working on film sets, Lucas eventually had the opportunity to teach in one of the most prestigious acting schools in Paris, “L’Entrée des Artistes” directed by Olivier BELMONDO.

As “acting on-screen” teacher for this institution for more than ten years, Lucas developed and sharpened his own method of teaching acting.

In 2017, he moved to Japan to continue his work as an acting coach and filmmaker.

In 2020, he joined ELFS Japan (English Language Film School) to work as an acting tutor.

Lucas was a wonderful acting teacher: very patient, kind and committed to unleash each individual sensitivity to the best of its potential in acting.

Romain M.

Lucas has a singular ability to see and pinpoint with chirurgical precision your needs as an actor. His mastery will greatly help you in not only becoming a better actor but also in gaining self confidence on stage, in front of a camera or in front of any audience. Throughout this process he’s reassuring presence will always guide you.

Fabio A.

Lucas marked my career with this sentence that accompanies me so often "The stakes of the character must be stronger than the stakes of the actor". Quest for excellence, rigor and authenticity in complete benevolence.

Samantha S.

What good memories in Lucas's classes. Endowed with an impressive cinematographic culture, great empathy and a lot of patience, he has the art of getting actors to come on stage with what they are, and to fully assume it. try one of these classes, you won't regret it!

Clotilde L.

"The sessions with Lucas have been an incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience.  The drills are varied and creative and effectively customised towards my personal goals.  I highly recommend the training to anyone interested, including non-professional actors." 

Simon W.

Great acting coach ! The best !

Maxime R.