Advanced Training

Reserved for students who have already taken The Actor’s Roadmap – Meisner Acting Workshop AND The Actor’s Roadmap – Building a Character

If you have already studied Meisner elsewhere and believe you are experienced enough without taking the above classes, please contact me.

This class based on the tools learned in the “Meisner” and “building a character” classes will help you to push further your exploration in your acting craft. Through mainly intensive scene work, you will have the opportunity to dig into various characters, work on their need, their flaws, their physicality.

We will also work on how to approach a scene out of the whole context of the script and nonetheless create an interesting and meaningful emotional arc for your character.

This work will help you to expand your skills on the six qualities of your instrument: Physicality, Intelligence, Imagination, Personal experiences, sensory faculties, and Empathy.

This is an weekly ongoing

Training Workshop