Here, you will find a lot of acting scenes from existing movies, Tv shows and theatre plays. 

Feel free to download and use this material only for training and/or showreels. 

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Cristina and Paul reconnect and she learns that he has her dead husband's heart.
Barbara wants Sam to get a job. He wants to focus on his acting career. Barbara reveals she's pregnant.
Ginger goes to Nicky after her fight with Ace. Ginger convince Nicky to help her get her jewelry out of the bank.
Holden tells Alyssa he loves her, full knowing she's a lesbian. By the end they hook up.
Honest-but-thuggish Larry confronts his wife, cold-but-intellectual photographer Anna about her sexual relationship with a journalist, Dan.
Sister Helen comes to see Mathiew in the death row to get his absolution.
Bill and Alice play the truth game stoned in bed one night. They find out things they didn't want to know.
Ryan comes home late at night. His wife, Amber, pissed, was waiting for him as they were suppose to celebrate their anniversary together. During their fight Ryan reveals he cannot stand her since they lost their child.
Despite the initial strangeness of the environment, Andrew is drawn to Sam's warmth and authenticity. She welcomes him with open arms, eager to share her world with him. As they talk, Andrew begins to open up about his own struggles, and Sam listens attentively, offering comfort and understanding.
Skylar asks Will to go to California with her. Will reveals his dark past.
Annalise asked Isaac to help her out on one of her cases. Unfortunately this case triggered theworst buried traumas in Isaac's mind. He started to take heroin again and blames Annalise for it.
Jo March Explains to her close friend, Laurie, why she can't marry him. Despite that, the young man keeps saying he loves her.
Franck T.J Mackee, a famous masculinist coach, is interviewed by a woman journalist trying to get at the bottom of his controversial personnality.
Jimmy and Claudia are out on a date. She says she's afraid he'll hate her because of her problems. Then he tells her why he's so messed up. Then they kiss eachother at the end.
Linda, overwhelmed by guilt and sadness explodes out of rage in a pharmacy.
Dave comes home and Celeste starts questioning him. Then he confronts her about him thinking she thinks he killed Kate. Celeste keeps questioning him and all the stuff from Dave's past tries to surface, but he doesn't know how to say it.
Wendy suggests her husband, Marty, to let their kids go back to Chicago. Marty assures Wendy if any of them run they’re dead. As they start fighting, it becomes clear they have trust issues to solve.
Mason holds Wendy Byrde responsible for the tragic death of his wife and the subsequent loss of their newborn son, Zeke. Seeking retribution, Mason kidnaps Wendy, believing that by threatening her, he can force the return of his son. 
Butch and Fabienne plan to get some breakfast before leaving town. Their plan is botched when Butch realizes Fabienne has left his father's watch back at the apartment where "the gangsters will be looking for him". He explodes on her, but then recovers and promises to be back very soon.
While they're driving home, April's dreams of acting dissipate after her first performance, which leads to a violent argument with Frank, who almost hits her, which does not bode well for the future.
After a particularily challenging dinner talk, April and Franck get in an argument because April realizes that she no longer is in love with Frank. 
Harrison meets Quinn in a bar. He explains her she's being recruited to become a gladiator in a suit.
Graham and Ann meet up at a cafe. They discuss personal things. He tells her he's impotent and advises her to not trust someone she never had sex with.
Brenda and Nate are engaged. Brenda wrote a novel about sex affairs with young men. Nate just realized it wasn't just fantasy, but Brenda's real experiences. In the other hand, he just got his ex pregnent. They're having a fight over their respective lack of commitment and faithfulness.
In the intimate setting of Diana's leaving room, post-divorce, Princess Diana and Prince Charles engage in a raw and candid conversation. They dissect the failures of their marriage, unearthing buried grievances.
Richard is seek and dying. His ex-wife, Clarissa comes visit him. He tells his goodbye and jumps by the window.